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Tuesday, August 28, 2007 

Music Meme

Having already completed a recent book meme, David (father of Solomon) Griffiths of the normal christian life has tagged us in, this time on music. Turns out, we're even less interesting on music than I you thought.

I guess Mr. Griffiths got this from WORLD.
1. You would be surprised that I listen to __________.
2. You probably have never heard of __________.
3. I hope nobody sees this amidst my collection: ___________.

1. Beyonce? "Crazy in Love" with Jay-z is "fly." Godsmack? I really loved Cake's "Fashion Nugget" (I can play the bass line to every track on that album) and Bush's sixteen stone, though that is not braggable. Really braggable. Plankeye?

2. Silversun Pickups? Fielding? Plankeye?

3. Again... Plankeye? My amazing collection of Michael W. Smith? (Although to be honest, I'm not that embarrassed.)

Okay, the real all stars are
Silversun Pickups (see above) - "Lazy Eye"
Austin Britton - "Daily Resurrection" (though everything is good)
Matt Haeck - "Liberty on Parade"
Grins Edge - "This Melon"
And yes, Plankeye really is the answer to all of the above questions...

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plankeye, eh? I'll have to check 'em out.

You know, I think Plankeye was our first real bonding moment when I got stuck riding with you in the Mazda. Good times!

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