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Thursday, August 09, 2007 

Tech Roundup

YouVersion has recently released their alpha model. YouVersion is a combination of Bible software along the lines of social bookmarking. Users will be able to tag their verses with categories and favorites, share across the net, and search amongst user tagging, among other options. If you are interested in learning more, seeing screenshots, finding out the other strengths of YouVersion, or being an alpha tester, click here.

Two tools that have helped manage time and keep on task are SLIMTIMER and workrave. SLIMTIMER, developed by Richard White, is a terrific time tracking applet that works within your web browser. You can assign various tasks and projects to keep time tracking separate, and further distinguish your tasks and projects with tags. After recording the amount of time you've spent on something, the applet syncs the time up with the server website, allowing you to view your time spent however you'd like. It is highly customizable, and quite versatile. The applet that opens is small, and you can keep it out of the way.

Workrave, on the other hand, is a kitchen timer plus project time keeper plus exercise monitor.By setting various alarms, workrave monitors the amount of time you spend at your computer, then forcing you to take appropriate breaks, thus emphasizing productivity as well as giving your eyes | body a rest from the computer. I've learned to love that little fluffy sheep. Granted, the various exercises the program suggests are not always followed by this user (*gulp*), but its helpful in its own right.

(Disclaimer: What the Thunder Said... is in no way affiliated with any of the above resources, nor do we benefit in any way from them. Except for the warm feeling in our collective stomach.)




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