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Monday, July 30, 2007 

Surviving Sermon Summaries

Reading: New Horizons (July, 2007)
Enjoying: Dunn Bros coffee and wireless
Listening: oldies station, but I did get to listen to 93X in the car

I'm in the Twin Cities, helping Ben & Anna Dahlvang move apartments. Then I'm heading back to Fairmont tonight. Everyone who loves the Dahlvangs needs to see this. Seriously. And yes, that is Ben.

God faithfully sustained me in my preaching judgment-ordeal, and I am infinitely thankful for His grace. In the morning I preached at Bethel Ev. Free Church on Exodus 33:18 - 23. In the evening I exhorted at Mission OPC from I John 3:4 - 10.

In the future I may get a chance to post more about these experiences, but I wanted to jot down a few exegetical notes right away. First, from Exodus 33, Moses' request to see God's glory is antithetical to the Israelites pursuit of glory in the golden calf made of Egyptian gold. Moses is a typological law keeper, who follows the second commandment and intercedes for law breakers. He then returns to the camp, aglow with the glory of God. I tried to bring John 1:14 - 18 and II Corinthians 3:15 - 4:4 to bear on the texts. Having been rescued from our self-glorifying by beholding the glory of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are being transformed from one degree of glory to the next. Glory is not as the world defines it, but is found chiefly in the cross of Christ, where our pursuit of our own glory dies and where Jesus is truly glorified. In Christ's resurrection, our hope for a new body that will not be consumed in the presence of God - that CAN look on His face and live - is realized. In the meantime, rather than our faces, our hearts (Paul's "inner man") is lit ablaze with the glory of God, with which we are to return to the camp and proclaim the glory of Jesus' gospel. Obviously, volumes more could be said of this.

In I John 3:4 - 10, I attempted to explain the insidiousness of "lawlessness;" that rather than merely being the breaking of God's law, lawlessness is actually any time I assert my will above God's expressed will, which plunges me into historia lineage of the seed of the serpent, making me a child of the devil and a participator in satanic, antichristian behavior. This historia damnatia actually runs against the historia salutis and God violently wrenches us away from our satanic father and adopts us as His own sons. Christ, our Elder brother, teaches us brotherly love by pouring out His own Spirit of Love upon us, that instead of taking our brother's life like Cain did, we now live to lay down our lives for our neighbors, and show them the knowledge and vision of God's love. This conquering Love(r) keeps us from sinning, so that we are no longer able to practice a lifestyle of sin.

No doubt there will be more to follow.

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yeah, but id you make them laugh?


I think everyone who loves the Lund's should know that you're a liar. That's not me in that video, liar. I wouldn't have strapped my couch to your back and kicked you in your hind parts when you helped us move if I had known it would lead to you spreading fictitious and embarrassing stories about me. Don't think you're safe just because you're leaving for California. I know lots of troopers in Utah and I also think I could probably find where you live, again. This is appalling. I demand a public apology.

On a serious note: Thanks so much, Brian, for helping us move. You & Sam mean the world to us. Anna and I had an awesome weekend with you guys. But more than the move, thank you for delivering the word of God to us. The evening sermon brought up some great conversation for us. Anna is still chewing on what you fed us. Thank you for that.

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

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