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Thursday, November 16, 2006 

Video Roundup
Topic: Blogging | Tech

Updated: 11/27/06

Reading: Preaching Law & Gospel by Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.
Enjoying: thin mints
Listening: "Song of the Celebrity" Matt Haeck

With the advent of YouTubeand similar vid-based user sites, the ability to get any form of video content directly to your computer has skyrocketed. Here are a few that have been tickling where we itch lately. Click on the image to watch the vid, and don't forget to go full screen where available. In no particular order:

The Piano
A man recalls his life to the haunting melody of Yann Tiersen (of Amelie fame).

(click through for more)

Guilty Pleasure #1
Detective noir meets teen-angst with the witty dialogue of Veronica Mars. Check out full episodes of the magic here.

Guilty Pleasure #2
The latest in the hospital sitcoms, Scrubs. I took four years of German in high school.

Baptism Hijinks
Oh man, where do you even start with something like this?! Classic...

(HT: Kevin Cawley)

Project 86: How to Win Back Your Band
These are kind of fun. Hard rockers Project 86 recently released a second video, My Will Be A Dead Man, that finishes the plot begun in their single The Spy Hunter. Watch in order for maximum viewing enjoyment. You know that has gotta hurt. And don't kid yourself - regardless of what you think of the plot, you know you love the music. (Requires Quicktime)

The Spy Hunter

My Will Be A Dead Man

Switch to PC Before Its Too Late
For all of you convinced that Macs are the most convincing sign of postmillenialism and all things utopic, this should change your mind. Viva la PC!
(HT: SKH at Tohu va Bohu)

Holy Ghost Enema
Mrs. Suzanne Hinn, "preaching" at her former church in Orlando, FL, gets a revelation from the spirit that, well, I am sure I've never received before. Ending with a swan dive, it doesn't get much better than this. Is anyone going to help her up?

Did I forget any classics? Let us know what you're watching in the comments.


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I laughed and I cried. The baptism was hysterical and the piano one was, well, I never thought you could convey so much emtion with computer animation.

The Farting Preacher and the Vintage21 Jesus videos are always pretty funny.

Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)

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