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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 

Mea Culpa
Topic: Blogging

It has recently come to our attention that no comments were showing up on What the Thunder Said... and here is the kicker: it wasn't for lack of commenters. I know - surprise, surprise and all that - but for all both of our readers, it will come as a big surprise to know that actually, the problem was with the administration. Seems that I somehow had monkeyed with Blogger settings to effectively wrestle the comments section into a paralytic coma. So to all of you who have left comments - thank you! - I heartily apologize and you should see some responses very soon.

Feel free to go back and check old posts that have generated some interesting discussions (like here or here) and lend your voice to the mix. Also, this should greatly improve the Thunder Comments tab to the right. (I'll leave it in beta until all the bugs are worked out, but it should be marginally functional now.) Finally, a plea for more comments: when it comes to getting some interesting material on this site, you're our only hope, Obi-Wan... er - ah, I mean, you commenters...

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I thought it was either something I said or that you were trying to distance yourself from Reformed Ninjas, which may indeed be a wise move.

Great thoughts as usual Brian! This blog merits more comments, condign merit of course. Well...not before God. Just read Owen's work on justification and apply what he said about saintly righteousness before men to your blog.

See what I mean about distancing yourself?

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