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Saturday, June 10, 2006 

Levinas, Guilt & Atonement
Topic: Philosophy

Levinas and the Inner Demons: Guilt and Atonement

Representing the various sections of a paper I produced for my philosophy undergrad at my alma mater, this project features the work of Emmanuel Levinas. An important thinker under Husserl in the phenomenologist strain, his work on the Other (l' autrui) and ethics as metaphysic put an important spin on continental thinking in the twentieth century.

The following reflects on Levinas' work while focusing on the relationship of the Self "in the trace of the face of the Other." The Self's mere existence, a passivity beyond passivity, puts the Other's "place in the sun" into jeapordy, and the I owes an infinite debt to the Other. What follows is how this debt exerts itself, and how the transaction is to occur, if at all.

Levinas and Guilt

Levinas and Shame

Levinas and Remorse

Levinas on Substitution

Levinas and Atonement

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