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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

Neocalvinism Links
Topic: Theology

Enjoying: Secret Window Johnny Depp is amazing. Good camera work. So-so story, but fun. (Pretend I know what I'm talking about.)

A few links to whet your appetite on neocalvinism - or Kuyperianism - to rejoice in the fact that Christ claims all things as His as we participate in celebrating the total dominion of the glory of God on earth.

Perhaps the topic nearest and dearest to my heart in this issue is the enjoining of orthodox neocalvinism and confessional Reformed theology. Dr. Koyzis expounds on neocalvinism and having a "thick" ecclesiology. He espouses and intriguing idea that he calls a "pluriformity of authority" that will be fleshed out in his forthcoming monograph. We shall see to the extent that it remains faithful to sola Scriptura (if that is one of his goals). In a similar vein, Baus maintains that Kuyper maintained that neocalvinism derives from confessional monergism, and that the two cannot be separated in "The Root of Neocalvinism." Far from being at odds with, say, Particular Atonement, he shows that "generic Protestants" (in our day, Evangelicals) have no claim to the benefits of Kuyperian thought. He finishes with a terrific link for more.

James K.A. Smith weighs in with some of his misgivings regarding the ideology in his "Neocalvinism...maybe," but that is not as strong, nor as outright, as Daniel Knauss' straightforward " Why I am not a neocalvinist." We leave it to the reader to judge if their portrayals and criticsms are accurate. Responses to the articles at Reformed Catholicism (yucky) and Byzantine-Rite Calvinist.

(HT: Macht [whose own site is in the links at right and always worth checking out])

In conclusion, Baus has a paper he did (without notation added) on the Kuyperian mediating position, as mediated by Dooyeweerd, of statism and a hyper-laizzes-faire (sp?). Great reading for all the economic and political minds that frequent the blog

< crickets chirping >

Seriously, we need some economic and political thinkers here. Bring friends.



Hey, glad to come across your blog!
Just wanted to say that my paper is now available in PDF with the footnotes.

Hey there. Just wanted to note that the essay on Dooyeweerd's sphere sovereignty now has notes in two versions (both in pdf).

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