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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

David Allen on the Cutting Edge
Topic: GTD

Reading: the latest Cutting Edge issue (and my first, for that matter)
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Listening: still [embarassingly] FSF

Mr. Kevin Cawley of cawleyblog - the ultimate photog|missional|planting|sufjan blog - gives a BIG TIME heads up on a previous edition of Cutting Edge, a periodical which is dedicated to the Vineyard planting efforts. This ish is entitled "The Effective Pastor," which is no doubt sorely needed in Christ's Church. What has me especially excited is the interview with David Allen, GTD founder and productivity guru. (How exactly does one obtain the title 'productivity guru' appended to one's name?)

Regardless, it would be a worthwhile article for all pastors. For those of you looking to go more indepth, check out his website, or simply google "GTD" for a bevy of useful results. "GTD" is the system of organization, task flow, and productivity that has revolutionized many a person's work habits and have no doubt saved more than a few careers. It comes highly recommended, as the blund office (occasionally) testifies to.

Spirituality has always lurked just under the surface of GTD enthusiasts. Usually, it has taken the form of Eastern, zen-like ninjitsu-fu which is admittedly bizarre and plain goofy. However, DA has always been sympathetic to clergy, and this could be of mutual benefit for pastors as they seek to get their inbox together, while at the same time having an easy "in" with other GTD psychos enthusiasts. Perhaps this would be helpful for you, or maybe you know a pastor who hasn't seen the surface of their desk in six months who may appreciate a copy of DA's Getting Things Done. Either way, helpful reading. A big thanks to Mr. Cawley for the smartfind.

PDF of David Allen Interview

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