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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

Gospel of Judas
Topic: Theology

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No doubt the addition of the so-called "Gospel of Judas" has made it on to most of our radar screens as all things even slightly religious are part of mediated culture these days. Those who take this document seriously are pushing a "reformulation of Christianity" in light of the "new" information gleaned from this document.

Of course, serious Christians have always known about the non Ggospel according to Judas, and that has never posed a problem to the faith handed once to the saints.

Several resources online are already available to Christians seeking to understand how to deal with this document.

Albert Mohler's Friday Article

Pastor Tim Porter of Convergence has listed several resources here

Christians and students of history have known of the document much longer than the current passe would have you believe - to the tune of 1,900 years. Irenaeus (130 - 202 A.D.) discusses the letter in question in his Against the Heretics:
"Others again declare that Cain derived his being from the Power above, and acknowledge that Esau, Korah, the Sodomites, and all such persons, are related to themselves. On this account, they add, they have been assailed by the Creator, yet no one of them has suffered injury. For Sophia was in the habit of carrying off that which belonged to her from them to herself. They declare that Judas the traitor was thoroughly acquainted with these things, and that he alone, knowing the truth as no others did, accomplished the mystery of the betrayal; by him all things, both earthly and heavenly, were thus thrown into confusion. They produce a fictitious history of this kind, which they style the Gospel of Judas." (Chapter XXXI, Doctrine of the Cainites)
(HT: Riddleblog)

It is important that we as believers encourage one another daily, all the more as we see the Day approaching, that there is truly nothing new under the Sun, and that because we have the faith handed down from the God who has formerly spoken in diverse manners by the prophets, He has now spoken definitively in His Son in these Last Days.

It will be interesting to watch modern scholarship devour itself, as the late dating accorded Judas' Gospel made the Synoptics unworthy of credibility. It will probably be important to help our atheistic academic brothers maintain accountability as they evaluate this document, so as not to play favorites.

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Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)

That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

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