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Monday, April 10, 2006 

Holy Week 2006
Topic: Events & Podcasts

Reading: John Frame's forthcoming title on ethics. "Applying the Law" (direct download)
Enjoying: The horrible feeling of knowing you have not met the expectations of others... and my "Nutty Bar" dessert
Listening: Tchaikovsky's Romeo & Juliet overture

Wow... I'm speechless. My monitor is literally blushing...

Happy Holy Week 2006, everyone. Yesterday we commemorated Palm Sunday when Jesus the Christ entered Jerusalem for the last time until the Last Day.[1] Appreciate your feedback:
How many of you
  • had children et al stream down the aisles of your sanctuary holding palm branches?[2]
  • had not practiced something like this before in your church (past years)?
  • are not what you would call a liturgical church?
My answer to all of those is yes. So it was a bit of a different feel for us at church on the Lord's Day. I wasn't too shook about it though, it had a very settling effect.

In my hometown, an important part of Easter time at church was our annual Cantata performance for the community. I made my way up through the ranks of palm-waver (waiver?), then to shepherd boy, then to shepherd boy carrying lamb, then finally to disciple. Though no one had any speaking lines (the text was carried by the choir who accompanied the entire performance), and no one was assigned parts any more specific than what I mentioned, I'd like to think of myself as James or Simon the Zealot, rather than Doubting Thomas, Three-Times-Peter or Judas. I personally felt the strength I brought to the team was my "shocked-yet-awakening-from-Satanic-slumber" face that I employed in the Gethsemene scene.

Ok, enough of my Lenten past. So anyway, the comments are open for you to chronicle your Palm Sunday liturgical experience. I am genuinely curious.

For all the effort you go to in reading these posts, not hitting the comment button, and all the other general stress that comes with reading a blog that throws "thunder" and "lund" into every sort of twisted contraption you can think of, it seems there needs to be something coming back at you. So, in celebration of Passion Week, we've decided to throw y'all a podcasting party. Click on over to the podcasting & vidcasting page to claim your prize. Enjoy!


[1]I mean entering Jerusalem in a "glory covering the earth, including Jerusalem" sort of way, not a "leaky-Dispensational Jerusalem is C.S. Lewis' Wardrobe to God on a grand scale" sort of way. Back

[2]I think I'm correct in not remembering anything like this last year at Easter. My memory could be mistaken. At the North site @ BBC. Back

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