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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 

WTS on Da Vinci Code
Topic: Theology, City of Man

Westminster Theological Seminary has put out what at first glance looks to be a terrific resource regarding all things Da Vinci. You can visit the site by clicking here, and browse through its articles and resources. This could be a perfect opportunity for those of you who have people in your relational sphere who will have a chance to chat about the film.

From the website:
Westminster Theological Serminary has launched a robust website dedicated to presenting a factual response to the claims in Dan Brown's runaway best-seller novel and soon-to-be-movie The Da Vinci Code.
Head on over and take a look at the website that is causing "Doubt about Doubt."
(HT: Pastor Hyde)

For those of you from a more logos-centered approach, check out Mr. Matt Wireman's "smack down" list on articles to help combat Da Vinciness. You can find those here.
(HT: David, father of Solomon)

[Da Vinci Code]

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Thanks for the post. It's interesting the draw to this; perhaps just proof that man loves myths and wives tales more than the reality of a crucified and risen Lord.

I've done a couple posts on it, though small. You might be interested.

I have updated the resources and am continuing to do so... you can go here.

Thanks for posting this brother. It was great to see you briefly at TFG. What a great time! Would have loved to have talked more. What was the highlight for you. Mine was being with the pastors from my church and knowing that I'm in a good place to see what I heard lived out (esp CJ's message!)...and Piper, man I felt like I heard all that for the first time! What was I thinking leaving! God is good!

hi bl! long time no hello.
sweet resources for DVC.
I hope all is well for you up north. all is fun here on the prairie. say hi to your funny wife for me.
bless you friend!

I have a more comprehensive list on my Uber DaVinci Resource List. Enjoy?

I have a more comprehensive list on my Uber DaVinci Resource List. Enjoy?

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

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