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Wednesday, June 06, 2007 

How To: Pick A Seminary

As we previously noted here at What the Thunder Said..., we had just recently survived the final exams judgment-ordeal. And with the end of the year comes graduation for the seniors. They recently completed and commenced with their studies, more of which can be found here. Congratulations to them all for their hard work.

Among the graduates was Mr. Shane Lems, whose expertise has filled these pages first here on righteousness, and then secondly here on covenant and election. Shane (his blog here) has reflected on his selection of WSC, and his thoughts are very helpful:
“Why did you choose Westminster Seminary California?” I have heard this question many times since I came to Escondido three years ago, and my answers have always been these three reasons: (1) Gospel-centered Teaching; (2) Outstanding Faculty; (3) Commitment to Reformed Theology.
While Shane's reasons are terrific, they are also the reasons I would give for being at WSC. These are, I'm convinced, the things to be thinking about when choosing a seminary. I'm very thankful for all I learned in my first year.

Shane Lems: Graduate Profiles

[WSC] | [seminary]

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Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)

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