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Saturday, May 12, 2007 


Reading: Gospel of John commentaries
Enjoying: 90 degree weather
Listening: Emery "In a Win, Win Situation"

Christianity is NOT a Metanarrative
Justin Holcomb responds to a Dr. Carl Trueman book review regarding the use of 'metanarrative.' Arguing from Lyotard, Mr. Holcomb irenically maintains that the Christian academy is misusing the concept, and in the process undermining scholarship.
(HT: Macht)

The 17th Century and the Federal Vision Debate
Do the debates John Owen and Richard Baxter engaged in shed light on the current ecumenical debate?

*Blogs of Note*
Reformed News
(HT: Doug Wilson, I think)

Dr. Lucas' Blog
Dr. Sean Lucas of Covenant Seminary and On Being Presbyterian

The blog only mostly for women by Nancy Wilson.

Gospel Driven Blog

Here's something for the funny bone. From Reformed Catholicism:
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) goes back to 1847 and practices “close” communion (not, mind you, “closed” communion). The LCMS also has a more or less congregational polity, which means that any local church can submit memorials or proposals to the national convention. Grace Lutheran Church in Queens Village, New York, submitted the following to last summer’s convention.

“Memorial 3–45 TO INCLUDE COMPANY OF HEAVEN IN COMMUNION FELLOWSHIP: Whereas, the LCMS only communes those who are members of the LCMS and are in fellowship with it; and Whereas, Jesus and many of the saints in heaven were on earth long before the establishment of the LCMS; and Whereas, during the Lord’s Supper we celebrate the holy meal ‘with angels and archangels & with all the company of heaven’ (LW pp. 146–48); therefore be it RESOLVED, That we make all the company of heaven honorary members of the LCMS, even if they were not Lutheran in life, so that we are not breaking our own rules when we come to the Lord’s Table; and be it further RESOLVED, That we declare Jesus the Christ to be an honorary member of the LCMS so that in His second coming He will not be turned away from a Lutheran altar.”

The memorial was not adopted. Moreover, it is reliably reported that many delegates made it emphatically clear that they were not amused.

(Source: RJN, “While We’re At It,” First Things. January 2002.)

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Thanks for this post, Brian. I went there and posted a comment. I hope it makes it through moderation.

Mike G.

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

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