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Monday, May 07, 2007 

Gospel Driven Blogging

Walter Marshall writes in The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification:
I am telling you to act according to your state in Christ. Obey God and do the works of the law by gospel principles and means. This is the rare and excellent art of godliness, in which every Christian should be a skilled expert.
One of the blogs we've recently run across that is really pointing this out in a challenging, helpful, and biblical way is the Gospel Driven Blog.

The problem with most Evangelicals today is not that they lack relevant, practical, tips for daily living. The problem is that a great deal have no idea of how to live by Gospel principles and means. They do not know that the true way to live is to live by faith in Christ (cf., Gal. 2:20) not simply by stirring oneself up to live by principles and practical tips. Sanctification does not consist in trying to tame one’s flesh or conquer sinful urges by one’s own efforts. Believers are not called to make their fallen natures better by giving them an ultimate makeover. Believers will not be more inclined to holiness by struggling and wrestling with their flesh. The flesh will inevitably rise up and pin the believer to the mat! Many think that trusting in Christ to help them keep their resolution is the key to a holy life.
Fact: the odor you are just noticing that blew into the room is called conviction.

There are a lot of posts worth checking out, but we would recommend reading through his Intro to GDL, or specifically Intro Part Quatro.


Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

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