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Friday, March 23, 2007 

Twice A Son of...?

Perspectives: Body Count Evangelism

From the concluding paragraph:
The inescapable conclusion is this: the Body of Christ in America is not growing -- either numerically or spiritually. It is, relatively speaking, shrinking -- burdened by crass commercialism, a lack of integrity, and the quest for power and glory of celebrity preachers. An all but inescapable second conclusion is this: the rest of us, if we do not speak out against the lies of those who practice "body-count evangelism," are standing by just as Paul stood by when he guarded the cloaks of those who stoned Stephen. We, likewise, are guarding this cloak of falsehood -- subjecting the Body of Christ to a modern stoning of its own.
Click on the title to read the rest regarding mission in America.

Whether or not his research is acceptable, it does seem fairly conclusive that, if evangelism and church growth are moving in a such a positive direction - and from every corner: missional, emergent, Billy Graham, megachurch, etc. - where are the effects? We've commented here before on American [Pragmatic] Morality and that crisis. If the seeds are really growing as so many claim they are, where is the fruit?

Share some of your theories in the comments, or email with your ideas.

You may also want to check out this post with maps of the demographics of religion in America.

(HT: Craig S.)


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