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Thursday, March 29, 2007 

Things I Have Found Interesting...

...and you should too!

Reading: Ridderbos' Redemptive History and the New Testament Scriptures
Enjoying: my new Moto HS850
Listening: Modest Mouse

This week is midterms (technically only two more to go!), and Saturday is the Amillenial super conference. The following week, Samantha and I are heading up into Cali to do a little exploring and take a much needed vacation over spring break. So other than conference notes, posting might be a bit spotty. To tide you over, here's some of the links I've been perusing.

Before we get to those, I just wanted to point out few things in the sidebar. You can click on |Noteworthy Posts| or |Blund Web Comments| to see other places I've been busy with. See what sites I've been visiting, get involved with the discussion, and show me where you've been. I'm curious to see where you spend your time. And now on with the links!

Mouw on Kuyper on Culture

President Mouw gave the address, “Culture, Church, and Civil Society: Kuyper for the New Century” for the Kuyper Prize Lecture. These are some notes.
(HT: Macht)

Nicolas of Lyra, Aristotle, and Redemptive Historical Hermeneutics

Dr. Peter Leithart notes that there may have been a "double literal" meaning to the text, and we shouldn't be surprised if the original Hebrew audience understood the Messianic referent. Oh yeah, it also makes sense with Aristotelian philosophy as well.

John Frame on N.T. Wright on the Bible

Prof. Frame reviews Dr. Wright's recent The Last Word. Overall, Frame is disappointed.
(HT: JT)

A Man Ahead of His Time

This is the man to elect president for all the conservatives who want the border fixed, international relations solved, and fiscal solutions.

Also, by Augustine X:
Alas, alas: How the Next Generation Dresses

(I was trying to find one of his war posts, but can't find it...)

Carl Trueman on How To Revise the Westminster Standards
Ok, a tad over the top. More of his opinions about it than anything else.

Overcoming A Frat Party Reputation
The new direction of the beer hall. "Respect Beer."


** Intermission **

During the intermission, enjoy this video:
Foo Fighters Everlong at Hyde Park 2006

I think this is an amazing example of the intimacy so many feel at concerts, this despite the fact you are surrounded (in this case) by 79,999 other strangers. This was quite a moving performance; I was amazed at how Grohl captured the closeness of an acoustic coffee house and a rock tour. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Of Piscator and Denying the Imputation of Christ's Active Righteousness
As it applies to the FV and NPP movements. Good research, good reading, and good debates.

Church Growth Model: The Lego Church
Words fail. For Regulative Principle advocates, is this an element or circumstance?
(HT: Macht)

You might say that some of his forays into philosophy are at best sophomoric, but that would be unfair to sophomores...

Sir Plantinga on Dawkin's latest. "...the fact is (grade inflation aside), many of his arguments would receive a failing grade in a sophomore philosophy class. "
(HT: Dr. Mohler)

Are the Dutch Returning to Biblical (Reformed?) Roots?
An important percentage of the country - frustrated with the licentious urban - are turning to biblical values, and giving the conservative, biblical political parties more control.
(HT: Byzantine-Rite Calvinist)

Book of Common Prayer Lectionary Readings
How do you order your Bible readings? This has been my morning pattern for about four months now.

Leftward Christian Soldiers
Darryl G. Hart on why the Religious Right may not always be in the GOP stable.

Promoting Family Worship
Joe Thorn weighs in on family worship, and then again with Dr. Tom Ascol.
(HT: JT)

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification
The 1692 monograph by Walter Marshall. A must read, especially in pairing objective and subjective, union with Christ and His benefits. I'm working on putting together a handy, readable and edited version to print out. Email (or comment) if you'd like a copy, and I'll let you know when its done.

Well that's all. Thanks, and hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a great week, and a blessed Palm Sunday | Holy Week.


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Thanks for the publicity. :-)

Could you weigh in on what you think about Reformed confessional standards and the imputation of Christ's obedience? Can one *still* be Reformed and deny it? I just listened to some of Clark's thoughts on that and was wondering what your's would be. Thanks for the link to that Piscator article BTW. I'll talk to you soon I hope.

we want more blund blogging

Freakin right we do! Quit taking seminary so seriously, for goodness sakes man.

Seriously, your blog used to be cool, when you actually updated it.

Forget all the criticism in these comments, Brian. I mean, wow, you've been reading those five books on the right for months now. I don't know how your readers can expect you to post when you can't even get your reading done. It must be hard for you to always look at those books, knowing that you haven't finished them. Okay, I'll stop.

To all the haters:

Smoke and smog may break my blog;

but words will never hurt my fragile, pathetic attempt at self respect by creating an online alter personna through who's success and wild popularity I can live through and enjoy as if my own.

So there.

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