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Saturday, July 28, 2007 

To All the Haters

Reading: Wall Street Journal
Enjoying: cup o' joe
Listening: Rich Mullins

You can't phase me. You won't bring me down. You guys don't know the truth. We're gonna fight for our right to blog as sporadically and inconsistently as we please...

In all truth, its fun to find time to post again. Getting out of Fairmont, MN - which happens to be an internet black hole - and taking some time off from work to think through sermon prep gives me the opportunity to post. I'll be preaching twice this Sunday in two different churches from two different texts. That line from The Fray has been a theme song lately: "Everybody knows I'm in over my head..."

I've really felt something was missing from my life. There was just this gaping hole that Chipotle could not fill (try as I might). So, in good ol' American fashion, I solved the problem by going out and making a purchase. I went out and bought a brother-in-law. His name is Alex, and so far he's been working out really good. Sometimes I think about bringing him back to the store because (obviously, as you can see) he's better looking than I am, so I feel a bit threatened. He was expensive, so I traded in my little sister for him. So far, he seems to have been worth the trade. Welcome to the family, Al (because as everyone knows, you're not really in until you've been recognized on a blog... or facebook).

A few things to point out:

Mr. Shane Lems' (xanga) church, Sunnyside URC, now has an official website. Pray for God's grace there as the kingdom work continues through the Gospel.

Michael E. O'Hanlon and Kenneth M. Pollack, two researchers writing for the New York Times, penned a surprisingly about-face article, "A War We Just Might Win." Its a surprising article for a number of reasons: both authors, who had been previously frustrated and negative with Iraqi results, were now writing positively and with a marked note of hope in the NY Times, of all places. Might be worth a look.
(HT: P. "Diddy" Loebs)

Kyle Borg of Synod of Saints posted some gleanings from the Church Fathers on justification. I would like to point out that more than merely being data on justification, I think much of the language in the quotes argues not merely for a Protestant understanding of justification but also the imputation of Christ's active righteousness. Swing by his blog and see if you agree. A question for Kyle: which Gregory is the second quote by, and can we get some page numbers?

For more, check out James Buchanan's Justification. Google him with *church father quotes* and see what comes up.

One of the best blogs you aren't reading right now is Kevin's ::cawleyblog::. I'm glad to see he is back from his self-imposed hiatus. Check out some of his recent brilliant Friday Photos. Also, he recommends some interesting reading (Christology) and listening (pinback).

We're leaving for SoCal next week, so maybe you'll hear more from What the Thunder Said... then... or not.

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Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

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