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Saturday, August 11, 2007 

Link Mashup

Some of my recent browsing has led me to a number of similar themes, some that I though might be helpful here. It would be fun to annotate these, but its just too nice outside. There are too many hat tips to go around; my apologies to those who were slighted. Hope you enjoy!

[Update: Oops! Forgot one in Media!]

Church Planting

Sovereign Grace Ministries Church Planting Page

Acts 29: The Church Planter Ultimatum

Old School Presbyterian Church Planting

Keep your eyes fixed to this blog.

On the Rigor of the Ministry and the Need for Pastor-Scholars

Quote from Richard Baxter

Michael Horton on the Necessity of an Educated Ministry

Dr. Peter Jones (Westminster Professor) Interviews with Local Paper on Dead Sea Scrolls

Theology: Paul, Justification, and Assurance

Simon Gathercole on Paul and New Perspective(s)

Augustus Toplady on assurance and perseverance

John Owen on final perseverance and justification

J.I. Packer on Justification and Atonement

Works of Jerome Zanchi

Duncan: How to Listen to a Bad Sermon
Gospel Coalition Audio & Video

Youtube: Christian & Christ-follower (Mac vs. PC parody) (Maybe the Updated Video Roundup ought to contain some of these?)
Christian vs. Church Planter
Christian vs. Christ-follower
This is my HSHD (Holy Spirit Hard Drive)
Counseling Session

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