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Monday, December 12, 2005 

New Blogs of Note

A few new blogs are on my Thunderbird list: Synod of Saints and Gideon Strauss' online work. New, of course, is relative. This is Kyle's second foray into the bloggosphere (author of Synod), and Gideon Strauss is simply newer to me, having enjoyed his writing mediated through other bloggers and commenters for awhile.

Synod of Saints is the blog of K. M. Borg seeking to be ecumenical in all the best connotations of the concept, truly living up to its name of the holy catholicity of the men and women that have gone before him in the Church. Providence will tell how well he steers his online ship between this phenomena and his commitment to the five solas of the Reformation keynoted in his bannerhead. Feeling in an especially Christmas-time mood? Go check out his article on Immanuel, discussing in what sense God is "with us" in this age.

I think I probably first stumbled across Gideon Strauss' weblog either through The Evangelical Outpost or Prosthesis. (These are both blogs you should be subscribed to.) Either way, I don't think it matters much, since I'm pretty sure I've discovered Prosthesis by Evangelical Outpost. So both of you guys, head over and buy Joe a cup of coffee.

Strauss has kept me coming back, however, because of his insightful reasoning, and interesting scouting reports into neocalvinism. While I am not totally sure how scannable his blog is (compared to, e.g., Mohler's or Phil Johnson's), this is a blog that is nearly always worth the time and thought necessary to wrestle with it. It should be high on everyone's priority list.

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