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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Informationism Redux

Before I get going on informationism (yes, again), I would simply like to remind you that the Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox 1.5. I have finally updated to the newest release, and I am quite pleased. To the left, I have a screen shot of my stripped-down version (which I've entitled Loki), making it extra light and fast. This profile is perfect for browsing panoramic views and picture intensive sites. My other must have profile is to the right (Mjolner), and is my heavy-duty, day in day out browser for getting jobs done. For a variety of reasons, word is that Mozilla will be have an uphill battle getting Firefox marketed as it ought to. Being an open source browser, it simply will not carry the same opportunities Internet Explorer or Opera could.

I think my setup is nearly complete, with only minor bugs left to fix. A few extensions are still not working (hey blogger! get over to mozdev and update your .xpis!) but that is to be expected. Settling on a theme is difficult for me; I all of a sudden get really artsy-fartsy. Some of my search engines aren't up running yet, but they will be shortly. So anyway, get Firefox 1.5!

: Firefox Lead Engineer, Ben Goodger talks about notable improvements in Mozilla Firefox 1.5, including SVG, CSS columns, ability to reorder tabs, easier extension development and improvements to update system. Chris Beard informs us that more than two million people downloaded Mozilla Firefox 1.5 on the first day, exceeding the number of downloads of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 on the day of its launch.

Recently, a friend asked about how much should we desire to stay up on cutting events. Some people, and in this instance, guys who like to blog (like Albert Mohler) seem particularly adept at keeping abreast of every detail going on in the world. In the face of the rapidly shrinking global community, the skyrocketing amount of information available to the average individual, and the time we have on our hands, how should we manage it?

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