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Friday, September 23, 2005 

Lord, Help Me Not to Covet...

...this book.

The faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in California have appended their lectures, articles, and chapters from a recent conference to complete a book entitled Covenant and Justification. You had me at "hello." Talk about two topics that are thorny, necessary, and intriguing to me at this point in life. I though I'd share the goodies with you. Check out this run down of authors and chapter subjects.

How We Got Here: A Brief History of the Current Controversy
R. Scott Clark

Where We Are: Justification Under Fire
David M. VanDrunen

Exegetical and Biblical Theology

Covenant Nomism and the ExileIain M. Duguid

The Covenant of Works in Moses and Paul
Bryan D. Estelle

The New Perspective, Mediation, and Justification
S. M. Baugh

Systematic Theology

The Covenant Before the Covenants
David M. VanDrunen and R. Scott Clark

Which Covenant Theology?
Michael S. Horton

Do This and Live: Active Obedience as the Ground of Justification
R. Scott Clark

Faith Formed By Love or Faith Alone? The Instrument of Justification, W. Robert Godfrey

Justification by Faith Alone: No Christian Life without It
Hywel R. Jones

Pastoral Theology

Preaching Sola Fide Better
Hywel R. Jones

The Letter and the Spirit: Law and Gospel in Reformed Preaching
R. Scott Clark

The Rise of Moralism in Seventeenth-Century Anglican Preaching: A Case Study, Julius J. Kim

Simul Iustus et Peccator: The Role of Justification in Pastoral Counseling, Dennis E. Johnson


The Faculty of Westminster Seminary California, Our Testimony on Justification

The final appendix, their statement on justification, is already online. Save your pennies. It comes out in January 2006 from P & R Publishing.

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