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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

A Good Blogging Day

Reading: Turretin's Institutes of Elenctic Theology
Enjoying: A Coke in the TBI resource center, KC's company. The coke is covered, of course.
Listening: Project 86 new tunes on my spanky new headphones

I hope today is a good blogging day for me, as my brain is thundering with literally billions of ideas that I need to get out. However, I also need to get a lot of other work accomplished. I have paperwork and reports to get over to my part time job, and I need to do some translating and careful theologizing for school.But that is just the start of my laborious duties ahead of me. This weekend I get to head up to Brainerd, MN to hang out with the in-laws (whom I truly do love) and do some work up there.

On top of all this excitement, I have to prepare for the Red Rock dedication coming up soon. Thanks to some very dedicated and talented people, that will not be nearly as big of an undertaking as it started out to be. Nevertheless, I need to get some work done on that.

So we will see which wins out over all this. Will any blogging get done? Will my homework be completed? Will a roof be erected in northern Minnesota? Who knows?

In the mean time, I just noticed one of my pastor's announced his "book of the month" to be a book I formerly reviewed, The Family Worship Book. I just checked, to be sure, and yep, its still as good of a book as when I recommended it. So check it out, especially if you are NOT married yet but one day hope to be. Reading it before you tie the knot will help greatly later when you do.

Look for more on faith, love, and treasuring; quotes and reflections from Turretin, political reflections of whether or not small government has any use in America today, and other excellent blogging material.

P.S. We received a handout today on knowing whether or not one is called to the ministry, which wonderfully complements the thoughts Mr. Dabney and myself had on the ministerial call. I'll comment on that, I'm sure, as well. Grace and peace.

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