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Friday, September 23, 2005 

Middle East Conflict...

...And how to deal with it.

For awhile in pop Christianity, it was cool to interpret the news by your theology. Certain men made their ministries and flourished by their associating of newspaper headlines with verses from Revelation, Daniel, or Ezekiel. This is obviously a poor hermeneutic, and poor hermeneutics often turn out poor ministries. Much of that does not plague the Church as much as it used to.

But what about the flip side of this? Can our theology affect the way we view the news? What the Thunder Said is a big supporter of this. We think theology can and should affect how we think about current events.

So for a litmus test, how should Christians, explicitly Reformed Christians, think about the turmoil that is the Middle East? While there will no doubt be disagreements, an excellent way to start thinking through this is listed here. Three different approaches to Christianity - dispensationalism, liberation theology, and Reformed theology, all offer suggestions on how the Gaza strip developments should be viewed. It just so happens that none other than Michael Horton weighs in for the Reformed viewpoint.

Happy reading.

Engaging Israel's Disengagement

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