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Wednesday, October 17, 2007 

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Reading: Dunahoo Making Kingdom Disciples
Enjoying: York mints
Listening: Muse Black Holes and Revelations

In this edition (/pretentious):
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Iraq and Ideology
The number one reason for the way things are going in Iraq is a difference of mettle: Islam has it, and materialistic narcissists don't. This is especially demonstrated in the united front Islam shows in its contempt for Western ideology. Cranach's Dr. Veith notes Mr. Steyn on the lack of resolve from Uncle Sam.

Two blogs I sometimes swing buy are The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly. There is often a variety of ideas, from budget suggestions, coupons and saving ploys, and financial organization in the big picture. One tool that may help on the small scale is Xpen$er, a Web 2.0-ish app to help record every purchase. I'm going to be looking into putting this one into practice in the near future.

For students, teachers, and lovers of philosophy.

Wikipedia for the Latin inclined.

Top 10 Needs of a Theological Institution
I think WSC is a grand slam on all of these, except with a little more clarification on how they do #2. (Hint: church planting with ordained ministers)

Speaking of making purchases, a few new titles have been on my horizon. Bavinck's anticipated fourth and final installment of his Dogmatics is up for pre-order, and I've seen similar offers for the upcoming ETS & AAR/SBL catalogs. (The conferences are in San Diego this year; come hang out!) Also, John Piper's newest title on N.T. Wright and justification is available for $5. Meanwhile, WSC Bookstore recently made Vos' Grace & Glory available... and I've got gift certificates. Watch out.

I was recently opining with Ben that Carl Trueman's latest temptation John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man is exorbitantly priced. This just in - What the Thunder Said... will now be published by Paternoster, Ashgate, and Wipf & Stock. You've just been charged $9.99 for reading this. Your ISP will be billed accordingly. (Even though the Owen book figures at about $.15 a page, I'm still tempted. I need help.)

For those of you rocking the pocket pc/smarthphone devices, check Handango, which is offering a Free App every Friday. (This is especially nice if you had your wild hopes set on the HTC Kaiser being given away for free from Gear Diary. Clearly, only a hypothetical.) The Nokia 810 came out, and received a positive review from Oliver Starr.

I'm into my second month on our HP Pavilion dv9600t laptop, and overall, I'm pleased. I'm still not completely sold on Vista. The beautiful Altec Lansing speakers sit below the screen and above the keyboard, so they are muffled if you play music with the screen closed. I'm pleased with responsiveness. Its working out well.

Bucer on Marks of Unity
Those who call upon our Lord Jesus Christ in truth, whatever their outward customs and identity may be, we wish to acknowledge and love as our members in Christ the Lord. And they will also treat us in the same way, irrespective of the fact that we may not share the same ceremonies and church practices. For the fellowship of the Christian church consists not in ceremonies and outward practices, but in true faith, in obedience to the pure gospel, and in the right use of the sacraments as the Lord has ordained them. Everything else each church has to arrange as it finds best for itself. In any case this is something which the old holy fathers recognized and maintained.
Concerning the True Care of Souls and Genuine Pastoral Ministry
(HT: Jonathan)


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