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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 

Trinity, Christology, and Anglican Bishops

Does getting Messianic consciousness wrong ultimately lead to Adoptionism, Nestorianism, and Trinitarian heresy?

Wright, Chalcedon, and Nestorius

N.T. Wright on Person and Nature

From New Horizons ongoing reading of Dr. Wright leaves me with growing concerns about his Christology, especially his view that the messianic consciousness of Jesus during his ministry on earth was no higher than that of an eschatological prophet, without a consciousness of his essential deity (e.g., his Jesus and the Victory of God, pp. 651-62). This troubling view appears to imply something less than Trinitarian orthodoxy... the Fesko review raises concerns that at the very least point to the need for Dr. Wright to be clearer than he has [been] about the doctrine of the Trinity.

R. Gaffin, Jr.
Blue Bell, Pa.
NH (May 2007) p. 20.

Finally, while G. Vos recognizes the prophetic aspect to the office of Messiah, he dismisses it in two sentences. Possibly, this is because Vos recongizes the prophetic role of Christ in His delivering up the New Covenant documents, all 27 books of the NT. His earthly role accomplished the kingly and priestly aspects, and any sense in which Christ is eschatological prophet occupies His heavenly reign. See his The Self-Disclosure of Jesus p. 112, 117.

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Have you found anyone who makes a connection between the Messianic consciousness and either the communication idiomatum or the extra calvinisticum? Do you think a sophisticated account of the Calvinistic extra would be a good response to Wright?

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