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Monday, January 01, 2007 

Catching Up in the New Year
Topic: WtTS Stuff

Reading: Horton, Michael S. In the Face of God
Enjoying: my new slippers from Christie. cozy...
Listening: enjoying the winter quiet

So I didn't mean for the last post's title to be indicative of my entire blogging attitude, but its been a bit long. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Welcome to '07.We've had a very merry, and hope yours was as well. Its been a pleasure seeing and visiting with old friends and making new ones. One wedding down, one to go. I only got one game of broomball in, but that's ok. I got to play the Wii, and beat Pete Sampras and Rod Laver at tennis on it. I've seen both sides of my families. I've heard a Presbyterian sermon, a Baptist sermon, and plan (DV) to hear a Reformed sermon. I've been making good use of I gave, among other things, a home-made CD; I received, among other things, a four-wheel swiveling hang-up bag (for clothes, not personal hang ups). So it has been, and will continue to be, a busy break.

So, we're not much for New Year's Resolutions (NYRs) here at What the Thunder Said... Though we've got lots of love for all seventy some of Jonathan Edwards resolutions, NYRs have not been a big hit. Is it not so much the resolution so much as the timing? Probably not. Is it that NYRs inherently smack of CoW | law and we are oh so past that? No and no. Now that we think about it, I'm not really sure why I'm so sure I'm against NYRs, but we are, and you should be too. Leave us some feedback. To NYR, or not to NYR? Check out the poll in the sidebar to the right and towards the bottom, or comment as well.

Hopefully, substantial posting will resume to exceed previous standards. Not that there has been time for a lot of computers, but here's a bit of what we've had our noses in. Maybe you'll find some of it intriguing as well.

Links and WhatNot:
The Dark Side of Owen: The Cromwellian Invasion

What Would Not Be If Jesus Had Not Been
(HT for both: JT)

The Rapture is Imminent: R. Scott Clark Descends Upon the Blogosphere

My professor/pastor furthers his online onslaught oppression domination with a blog and, lo and behold, a Reformed podcast. Here's a paper he authored a while back on Calvin and natural law, which will definitely have to be a part of my larger reading on Two Kingdom theology.

Doug Wilson alludes to Clark and the Westminster necktie party

As close to a New Years Resolution as I'll take
Lifehacker: The Book TOC and downloadable index

Ok fine, I'm still against New Year's Resolutions, but if you're gonna go ahead and make them, this might be helpful for actually keeping them

Also contributing toward negative feelings toward Islam: terrorism.

Mmmm... BBC got a new website. Shiny!
I thought TBI had already received a new website? We were at the south site (Burnsville) on New Year's Eve.

We would still really appreciate any comments or emails on this note: How was it switching over to Blogger beta?

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On NYR's:
I'm with Rick Warren. I don't think there is anything wrong with confusing pragmatic principles with the law. Well, so long as the principles are super-duper helpful and make me realize my overall purpose: being generally better and more sparkly.
What's my NYR? to perfect the art of cantankerous sarcasm.

Oh sure, side with Warren will you. Just because I forgot about the "super-duper" category doesn't mean you have to make me look like a fool in cyberspace. And by the way, concerning your own NYR: they're supposed to be something you're not already perfect at.

That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

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