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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 

How Not to Blog
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While the internet abounds with how to blog (so very Web 1.0), we here at What the Thunder Said are really seeking to serve you by showing you how not to blog. I mean really, where can you go to learn that?

Turns out the answer to that question is to not touch your browser. You are already getting high grade blogging drivel right here. Awhile ago, I posted a response to Mr. Darryl Erkel concerning his review of an article on infant baptism by Dr. Michael S. Horton. Mr. Erkel kindly read my review, took the time to write up a rebuttal, and emailed it to me.

He makes his point fairly clearly when he starts off in the title: "A Reply to Brian Lund - or - How Not to Write A Blog." Or maybe when he says, "While I understand that blogger essays are by their nature designed to be succinct and written “in the moment,” they should at least be composed clearly... and accurately. Unfortunately, for Lund, he fails to do so in both instances," maybe he is hinting at something in my blogging quality. Or perhaps when he - after reading my post - heartily commends William Zinsser's On Writing Well and disects my article in 12 scintillating points I'm am supposed to think he is getting to something. Or in his conclusion, referring to the name of this blog, Mr Erkel concludes that, "There’s no thunder here folks; only a whimper," am I supposed to be picking up his drift? Come on, Mr. Erkel! Make your point already!

Ok, so if the shoe fits, I guess I'll wear it. While I can't speak for bothall of my readers, it had never crossed my mind that this blog might be less than Pulitzer standards.

I will post Mr. Erkel's rebuttal for download in the next few days, and then slowly, laboriously, wade through his critique to give you the full flavor of his argument. I'm sure it will prove very entertaining.

On another note, besides leading you through how this blog is awful, I will also be noting the aforementioned Jesus Loves the Little Children and a blow by blow of Justin Taylor and Kelly Kapic's newest Owen republication Overcoming Sin & Temptation. So there will still be some terrific reading. Whimper, indeed.

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That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

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