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Tuesday, October 24, 2006 

Last Night's Dinner
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Reading: Ancient Church lecture notes. Got a midterm tomorrow...
Enjoying: singing the psalms in Hebrew

So last night I so graciously helped to make dinner, which is not uncommon in the Lund household. I spent a good deal of time making meals over campfires with friends and at Shamineau, and most of my meals are an attempt to relive those glory days.

I was of course incredibly helpful last night, like when I went to fill up the sink with hot water to thaw the fish we were going to have and I put the sink plug in upside down. I of course didn't notice until much later, when I couldn't grab a hold of anything on the plug to pull it out. Naturally -naturally- I reached for the pliers and successfully removed the plug, but now that my metal pliers was wet, I thoughtfully decided to use my wife's linen towels to dry off the tool. -naturally- This of course effectively dirtied the towel in rust, ruining it. While my patient wife scurried to try and clean the rusted towel, I busied myself making cranberry juice, which involved me spilling concentrate on the kitchen rug. I also managed to use up most of the tinfoil in covering a pan that still got filthy, burn the asparagus, and keep my wife running the entire time.

See, that is why its so fun to cook with me. I keep everyone on their toes. Never a dull moment here...



Transplanted from the artic blight of Minnesota to the sunny paradise of SoCal, I am attending school and learning to say "dude." I like to think of myself as equal parts surf rash, Batman, heavy metal, Levinas, poetic license, and reformational. Other than creating blund blogs, I enjoy reading, sporting, and socializing with serious and funny people.
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