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Saturday, July 15, 2006 

About This Site
Topic: WtTS Stuff

What gives with the title?
"What the Thunder Said" is the name of the fourth movement of T.S. Eliot's landmark poem The Waste Land. It is a powerful piece that deals with "post-apocalyptic" man in the context after the World Wars and important subjects such as revelation, metaphysics, universals, peace, responsibility, and eschatology. While this blog by no means claims revelatory posts (some of its readers think just the opposite!), it does aspire to give its readers something thoughtful to chew on and give hope.

Looking for more on the poem by the same name? Try this site, or for more options click here.

Who is blund?
For more information about me, please click here for my bio page.

What kind of content can I find here?
What the Thunder Said... proudly offers all kinds of multimedia satisfaction. You can find all manner of content in the main blog section, or subscribe to the RSS or Atom XML feed. Want to subscribe to a personal channel? Check the main sidebar under "subscriptions" for your choice of all the major (and several minor) blog subscription feeds.

After you've taken in the written content, check out the Thunder Photo Album for a catalog of pics, and finally view some footage and listen to some podcasts over at ThunderCast Vodcast. By the way, What the Thunder Said... is mobile friendly.

How can I interact, communicate with blund, and get to know others?
The first way is the easiest. Make use of the comments section (Blogger or Haloscan are acceptable), or feel free to email the author. Check out where blund and others have been on the Thunder Frappr Map, and then pin yourself. blund recommends several books and a variety of music, which is perfect to check out and comment on.

Don't forget, all of the above have chat options!

Well, its clear blund really screwed up. What is with this?
I am accountable to the Council of Elders of my local church, and have covenanted myself under their authority. Got a problem? That's fine. Bring it up with me or them and they or myself will begin the disciplinary process.

This is clearly the best blog ever invented, and is obvious the true Form of Blog that all other blogs are merely shadows of.
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Transplanted from the artic blight of Minnesota to the sunny paradise of SoCal, I am attending school and learning to say "dude." I like to think of myself as equal parts surf rash, Batman, heavy metal, Levinas, poetic license, and reformational. Other than creating blund blogs, I enjoy reading, sporting, and socializing with serious and funny people.
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