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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

A Brief Overview of Covenant Theology

Recently, a friend of mine asked some penetrating questions about the nature and structure of Covenant Theology. Instead of merely replying to him, I took some time to try to lay out the structure of everything over at my new wiki. Hopefully, this will be helpful to several people.

I should comment, however, that while I think my overview is succinct, correct, and easy to navigate, it should not be a substitute for a full scale apologia for Covenant Theology. I am writing this in a context, and this context knows that there are Bible verses I am hinting at, but don't cite explicitly. That is not good enough for most people, however. So this should be supplementary, not an attempt to stand alone. Here are a few diagrams to give a picture to Covenant theology, that the article spells out more clearly.

If you wanted some stand alone resources, there are a bevy of them out there. Covenant Theology is one of those things everyone should wrestle with, and then (preferably) bow the knee to.

First, Dr. C. Matthew McMahon has written A Simple Overview of Covenant Theology. It is a shorter read (like shorter compared to the Puritans) that is emminently helpful and careful. An excellent primer.

The other option is to head over Dr. Rev. J. Ligon Duncan's website at his church, First Presbyterian of Jackson, MS, and check out their Covenant Theology page. This thing is the real deal, and it will have you up 'til three in the morning - both because there is so much content, as well as mind-gripping concepts. I recommend starting with Duncan's sermon/lectures that he delivered to RTS. There are twelve of them.

Blessings on you as you study and read about our Covenant keeping God, the true Promise keeper.


That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

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