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Friday, October 28, 2005 

Forthcoming Posts

God willing, over the weekend and into next week three posts will appear, dealing with a range of subjects. And unlike the post on Mrs. Parks & Miers, this post will not attempt to weave threads together that do not exist. No, they are all separate subjects.

First, I hope to continue the Parsing Justification thread. Earlier, I argued that we are justified by Christ meritoriously. This is in lieu of my arguing that

In all seriousness, to be thoroughly biblical and Reformed, we need to get specific. To take in the whole counsel of God as revealed in Scripture, as well as the breadth of Reformed confessions, we must believe, teach, and preach that we are justified by Christ meritoriously, we are justified by faith instrumentally, and we are justified by works evidentially.

In the coming post, I hope to cogently argue for justification by faith alone, and what this doctrine fully entails. You, the reader (both of you) will judge if I have done so faithfully.

Secondly, I would like to begin a series of posts on the doctrine of the last things, known as "eschatology." The early Church Father Irenaeus' best known published work that we still have is entitled Contra Haerasis, or "Against the Heresies." I hope my first post to be Contra Rapturii, against the rapture.

The title is slightly misleading, because I do believe in the rapture. The thing is, what I mean when I say "rapture" (and the Scriptures, for that matter) is completely different from what nearly all of American Evangellyfishism means when they say "rapture." I think the difference needs to be examined, especially by the sharp sword of Scripture.

Some naturally bristle at any polemics over eschatology. Far too much schism happens because of pre-/post-trib debates. There was a time not long ago that I would have agreed with this sentiment, and thought there were other hills to die on. There is an extant to which I still think that way: I will never allow eschatology to determine hostility or comfort in any church that I help shepherd. But, there are, I think, crucial reasons why the current, "pop" notion of rapture ought to be discussed.

  1. The rapture that is discussed in current church circles leads to other bad theology. Most of us know of people or institutions that have emotionally cajoled others into some sort of decision theology or crisis-sanctification because of the immanent threat of a secret rapture that would rob planet Earth of millions of believers. Proper teaching on the rapture would not have people scared of being "Left Behind," and properly trembling before the face of the Sovereign and Lord.
  2. Other bad theology that gets propagated by secret rapture theology is much less well defined, but even more pervasive in the sub-conscious of the average Christian. Since the rapture removes us from Earth and all of its problems, we tend to have an escapist mentality. The Earth can "go to hell in a handbasket" while we Christians are confident of being whisked away. "I'll Fly Away, O Glory" is our confidence when the neighborhood is crumbling, the school systems deteriorate, and culture at large looks like it just got out of a bar fight. Rather, we ought to pursue the cultural mandate God gave Adam and Eve - to subdue and have dominion over the Earth. However, we do not pursue it like the liberals. Rather, we understand the cultural mandate through the lens of the Great Commission: we subdue the Earth through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ - the power of God for salvation (even salvation for the Earth; Romans 8:18 - 24).
  3. Finally, taking "rapture theology" captive with every sound argument slowly chips away at the clay-footed idol Dispensationalism. This crass system has given the American church enough trouble, and the popularity of certain books is ridiculous in their abiblical approach to fiction. This pesky gnat has buzzed in our ears long enough. Darby & Scofield's death grip on American theology should be finished.
Finally, the last project I'd like to work on is a consideration of Psalm 73:25 -26 and marriage.

Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

How does this hold true for our spouses, or for that matter, anything that is earthly that we truly value (baseball, family fellowship, etc.)? Must we resort to a neo-Gnosticism. I hope to answer this question and more like it in the negative.

Same thunder-time, same thunder-channel.

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I eaglery await to read those posts, as I am trying to hash out Justification right now...well to some extent though I am aware that it could very well be a lifelong mission.-kmb

My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead.


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