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Friday, August 19, 2005 

Diptych: A Tale of Two Women
Topic: The Long War

Peter Leithart gives an incredibly insightful post that is of utmost importance to men.
Proverbs 8 follows Proverbs 7. In chapter 7, Solomon records the speech of Lady Folly, the adulteress, who entices the simple to her house for a night of love-making. In chapter 8, Solomon records the speech of Lady Wisdom, who offers herself as the means to rule, honor, and wealth. The two speeches form a diptych (Waltke), and contrast two paths that are set before the young man, the hero of the romantic drama of Proverbs. Lady Folly offers immediate pleasure, instant gratitifaction on a bed of spices; her speech is smooth, seductive, enticing; but following her leads to poverty, shame, and death. Lady Wisdom’s speech is initially less appealing: She calls the simple to prudence, speaks what is riht and straight and not what is prverted and crooked. But those who follow her receive wealth, honor, power, and ultimately life in the most complete sense. The key contrast of the two paths, the two women, comes in 8:35-36: “he who finds me finds life, and obtains favor from Yahweh. But he who misses me injures himself; all those who hate me love death.”
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This is incredibly important for today's biblical man. We are not merely to be denying the lust of the flesh and fighting against our sinful tendencies, but we are also to be cultivating Godly passions. The way the world chases after Lady Lust (Folly) is the way Christian men should pursue Lady Wisdom of Proverbs 8. The question isn't whether or not to pursue a feminine ideal, but rather which feminine will you pursue? Lust or Wisdom?

The practical dividends are endless. Briefly:

Fathers should be teaching their sons the beauty and value of courtship from a young age. For a time, boys don't like cootie infested girls, and until then, they should be taught the value of pursuing wisdom. But the age will come, and then teens will have a biblical matrix to copy from. "Son, in the way that I have taught you to pursue wisdom is the way you are to interact with the girls your age at school and church."

Lessons will abound, chiefly that what our sons pursue are feminine, and not masculine. There are some women that are to be pursued, who model Lady Wisdom, and their are trampy girls who model Lady Lust. Lets teach our boys to pursue a certain sort of woman a certain sort of way from their infancy, so that when they grow old, they would not depart from it. This will be immensely helpful in the fight against lust and pornography that is enslaving the men in our churches.

The night is falling, and winter is upon us. Look to your arms, and ready yourselves. Brace yourself; prepare for the Long War.


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