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Monday, January 14, 2008 

I AM Sardis

Reading: Waltke's new OT Theology
Enjoying: rolo's
Listening: muse

So, normally when I haven't posted for ages I go into this long apology/excuse as to why I haven't posted more, but for cryin' out loud... I'm under grace, baby. Now to pick up where I left off.

You’re St. Melito of Sardis!

You have a great love of history and liturgy. You’re attached to the traditions of the ancients, yet you recognize that the old world — great as it was — is passing away. You are loyal to the customs of your family, though you do not hesitate to call family members to account for their sins.

But for real, you basically copied and pasted the entire OT canon (minus Esther; bling!), and you may or may not be responsible for early anti-semitism. Also, you are probably amillenial.

Find out which Church Father you are at The Way of the Fathers!

I think this may disqualify me for my licensure...


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Is that a test you had to take for a Patristics course out there? If so, dang it! why didn't I go to California? If not, do you think they'll be adopting it soon? If not, why not? and if yes, uh...

BTW, I think St. Melito would've apologized for not posting for so long.

So I guess I'm Origen. Whatever. I was pretty sure I'd be someone from the Antiochian school. Freakin allegories.
I also took some "which theologian are you" test. Turns out I'm Karl Barth and much too close for comfort to Schleirmacher.

I'm depressed. Please help. I'm still in Calvin's Institutes, I hear that's a good cure for this type of stuff.

i experienced been fairly positive I'd be somebody in the Antiochian school. Freakin allegories.
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