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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 

Minnesota Wild Undefeated in 2005!

Hockey Season Opener 2005 - 06
That's right, the Minnesota Wild have not lost one game this season. Their winning percentage is 100%. They are the best team in their division, the best team in their region... let's just come out and say: the MN Wild are tied for the best team in the league.

Of course, they are only 1-0, but lets celebrate a good thing. Lets glory in what we have. Chouinard had a hat trick to put the good guys up 5 - 1 over the Calgary Flames. To top it all off, we did this without Marion Gaborik, and Brian Rolston - while he skated and played great - didn't register a point. Dwayne Roloson did not share the goal tending duties tonight, and registered 28 saves. Congrats to the Wild, and boy, am I looking forward to their season!

Philadelphia Flyers vs. NY Rangers
A real big "Ha ha!" to the Philly Flyers and all those who were singing their praises to the detriment of the Rangers. The red, white, and blue can still play, especially Jaromir Jagr, who had two of the Rangers goals in a 5 - 3 win over the Flyers. Though Forsberg had his opening night for ecstatic Philly fans, it was not enough to stop the Big Apple skating crew.

Seriously though, I really like the Flyers, and expect them to do well. I sincerely hope this was an opening night glitch, and not something pointing toward future difficulties. I expect a team with the talent of the Philadelphia Flyer's roster to play better than this.

Detroit Red Wings vs. St. Louis Blues
Speaking of old (yes, we were), the Red Wings boast the oldest and one of the oldest players in the league, with Chris Chelios recently surpassing Gordie Howie (yes, that Gordie) as the oldest man to lace up his skates and tape his stick. Steve Yzerman is also quite old, though he didn't play tonight due to a groin strain. Despite the age, the Red Wings took the Blues 5 - 1. I hope this is indicative of the play we can expect from the Red Wings. Especially encouraging was Manny Legace's goal tending.

New Jersey Devils vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Despite the fact that rookie phenom Sid Crosby played with abandon, it just doesn't matter that much when you have to face the Devil's defensive line. And just say, hypothetically speaking, that you get past them, you still have to score on Marty Brodeur. And that is a true feat. So despite the love I feel toward Mario Lemeuix and the rookie, I was pleased to see my Devils coast to a 5 - 1 win over the Pens.

That is rap of some the main teams I'll be watching this year. I also dearly love the Toronto Maple Leafs, and will be curious to see how Colorado, Ottawa, and Jeremy Roenick over at L.A. does.

Go Wild.

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

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